There are a lot of common frustrations that exist in our industry. Most of them boil down to a lack of understanding. Where others might see transactions and dollar signs, we see an opportunity to pause and ask questions – not only to hear your story, but to help get your gears turning as well. Asking good questions in the early stages, saves time in the long run.

To us, substance matters more than sizzle. To communicate substance, it takes more than a resume and buzzwords. When considering a new position through Prodigy, you can expect us to share details regarding the project, our client, and the goals our client is looking to accomplish. If we don’t have an answer to one of your questions, we will find out for you.


“In my humble opinion, what separates PR from the giants, is the personal attention paid to me, and to our mutual client as well. You spent plenty of time vetting not just my skills and experience; you also made sure that culturally we’d be a fit for one another. That’s huge! If the chemistry is right, everything else typically falls into alignment.”

– Susan, Senior Project Manager


Great Recruiters dig deeper by substituting assumptions with questions. They know that a resume or job description doesn’t paint the whole picture and their primary job is to seek out the intangibles and make connections.

Great Recruiters understand how technology is being leveraged to meet business needs in the industries they support and they make a concerted effort to get to know the individuals and companies they work with.

Equipped with this knowledge – they connect the dots and advocate their candidate’s personal brand based upon an intimate understanding of their client’s environment.

Great Recruiters bring value to the table in their ability to bridge the gap by understanding both sides of the equation.


We appreciate you taking the time to get to learn more about Prodigy Resources. We hope our mission/vision/tenets all relate and resonate with the needs, desires, and goals that have directed your search to our organization. We’d like to respectfully turn the tables, and get to know a little bit about you.