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Job Description:

Contractor will be utilized to log costumer financial reporting into CMS freeing up core and rotational CIS staff to engage in spreading custom year end statements for our peak volume period in the 1st half of 2020. Additionally, testing and training around the nCino implementation will cause further process delays. Consequently, two contractors are being requested. Without staff aug during peak volume period, turn around time frame for entering customer financial statements into database will be stretched and will hamper business groups' ability to process new business requests and credit renewals.

Essential Duties:

  • Primary responsibility will be to log receipt of customer financial statements into our loan compliance tracking software. This will include performing basic financial calculations such as working capital, net worth, current ratio, and debt to net worth and recording the calculations in the covenant tracking software.
  • If any covenants are found to be out of compliance, emails informing appropriate staff members will need to be written and sent. 
  • Requires ability to understand and learn rules about how information is entered in software and apply them correctly. There are multi-step procedures and rules surrounding this task and candidate must have ability to follow the procedures carefully and consistently.
  • Owing to a systems migration to a new loan compliance tracking software that will occur during the contract period, the contractor will initially be trained on our legacy compliance monitoring system and will simultaneously be trained on the replacement compliance system. Adaptability will be important. 
  • Initial training and written job aids will be provided, as well as ongoing review of work until we are confident that the individual understands how to perform the job error-free.
  • A secondary responsibility, if the contractor shows ability, will be to enter information from customer financial statements into FIS Optimist financial statement spreading software. This is not simply a data entry task. Critical thinking, grounded in a good grasp of basic accounting, is required to ensure that information from customer statements is input into the correct accounts in Optimist. 
  • Initial training will be provided, as well as ongoing review of work until we are confident that the individual understands how to perform the job error-free.

I've attached the OG JD from when the role was posted before

VERY Entry-Level - The last person to get the job was a recent college grad that had majored in Accounting and was good with Excel

BR is $46.41

PR of $25 = $676 but WE CAN FLEX ON BILL RATE!

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8 months ago

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