Project Cordinator

  • Biweekly payroll processing which includes updating employee benefit changes such as 401K, health Insurance, retro adjustments and imputed income (GTL)
  • Run multi-state process to appropriately tax employees based on where time is booked
  • Prepare hours process to calculate and pay overtime
  • Review monthly loan forgiveness and tuition forgiveness and send notices to employees indicating tax liability
  • Update taxable fringe benefits
  • Process taxable and non-taxable relocation
  • Transmit biweekly payroll files to ADP
  • Process and transmit biweekly gross up payroll after regular payroll is complete
  • Manage expats and process monthly expat payroll
  • Process off-cycle payroll payments for terminations via manual check or ACH according to state law
  • Research payroll laws/rules to handle various issues and to ensure compliance
  • Act as liaison between payroll department, human resources and IT to ensure understanding of payroll system requirements for certain implementation and trouble-shooting initiatives
  • Assist payroll manager and auditors in SOX controls compliance and testing
  • Run reports/queries from ADP and PeopleSoft
  • Upload payroll data to PeopleSoft for US/UK/Canada
  • US Department of Labor monthly reporting
  • Quarterly duties which include Multiple Worksite reporting, remitting payroll taxes for locals and states and downloading quarterly filings
  • Maintenance of ADP and PeopleSoft tables
  • Perform duties of Payroll Specialist as needed
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5 months ago

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