We are a boutique recruiting firm working within the technology space – we are here for the professional success and transformation of individuals and businesses who are connected through us. We invite you to dig in and learn more.

Have you had a rough ride in your effort to recruit and hire high-demand technical skill sets? We understand your plight. The good news is, we’re here for you – and we won’t leave you hanging. We recruit for clients from a variety of industries and walks of life, each having their unique culture and ways of doing things.

We are a recruiting team that technology professionals can trust – to build strong connections and lasting relationships that bring value to the companies and individuals we work with. We do anything and everything it takes to ensure that all parties feel good about their decision to work with us.

Are you looking to make the next big leap in your career? The job search can seem like a job, in and of itself. Whether you’re seeking an opportunity to write beautiful code, design a cutting edge system, or take a critical project from its inception to fruition, let us remove the stress and hassle from your search.


“Prodigy coaches me on what talent I need to achieve my organizational goals and has consistently been able to find top talent from sources that no other IT recruiting company has access to.”

– Jesse, IT Director


We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Prodigy Resources. We hope our mission/vision/tenets all relate and resonate with the needs, desires, and goals that have directed your search to our organization. We’d like to respectfully turn the tables, and get to know a little bit about you.