Prodigy is a recruiting team that technology professionals can trust – to build strong connections and lasting relationships. We love what we do – each day there’s an opportunity to have a tremendous impact on people’s professional lives by helping their cause, whether it be finding candidates their dream jobs – or empowering clients to make the right decisions to grow their teams and realize their vision.

So how do we embrace and deliver upon this standard? Simply put, we take care of our people by respecting their time, energy, and circumstance. We strive to keep things relevant and build mutually beneficial relationships based upon trust and candor. Call it “no frills” or “no-BS” or whatever you like. It just works. Take a minute to reach out to us – let’s chat to see how we might be able to fit into your picture.


Prodigy started up in 2007, and it’s been an exciting ride ever since. From our beginnings, we’ve tried to stay true to our core tenets that drive our daily operations.

  • C A R E
    Recruiting is about taking care of people. Let us be on the hook for you. Our success is tied to yours.
  • C A N D O R
    There’s no “BS”, sugar coating, or doctoring resumes – Why avoid reality when you can confront it head on?
  • D R I V E
    We throw ourselves into the needs of our clients and candidates, and do so with a smile on our face, even when the midnight oil is burning.
  • A G I L I T Y
    The only thing constant in our industry is change and it’s a necessity for all of us to be as nimble, flexible, and responsive as possible.
  • C O U R A G E
    We’re not perfect but one thing is for certain – when we get knocked down, we get back up, and leverage the experience as a catalyst for change.
  • P O S I T I V I T Y
    A positive attitude lights fires in other’s souls. We love our jobs – that’s why we’re thriving and it’s important that you benefit from the energy we exude.


“Prodigy is a true champion in their field! They are able to open doors, communicate clearly, and get results. They are a clear choice for help and guidance to anyone interested in advancing their career or as an employer interested in adding talented personnel to their team.”

– Marc, Oracle DBA


We appreciate you taking the time to get to know a bit more about us. We believe synergy comes from people sharing similar values and aspirations. If our message resonates with you, please reach out to see if we can help – we would love to visit with you to see if we can align to help you reach your goals.