There are a lot of common frustrations in our industry. Most of them boil down to a lack of understanding. Where others might see transactions and dollar signs, we see an opportunity to pause and ask questions – not only to hear your story, but to help get your gears turning as well. Asking good questions in the early stages, saves time in the long run. Here’s how we do it.


To ensure we carry out our recruiting process thoroughly, we start by asking you questions about your job opening – questions that go beyond buzzwords and skill sets. Our goal is to really understand you, your team, your business goals, and how the work you do supports those goals. Equipped with this knowledge, we dive deeper into identifying candidates who have the qualifications, problem-solving skills, and overall mindset to be truly successful within your environment.


Once we gather requirements and establish mutual expectations for how the hiring process will be conducted, Prodigy sets out to find you an exceptional fit by tapping into our internal database, harnessing the power of our network, and leveraging other social media channels including user groups, blogs, and forums. Our initial prep work during the discovery phase enables us to hone in on the most promising talent pool and compellingly represent your company brand when we speak with candidates.


We engage the strongest candidates through a series of phone conversations and onsite interviews. During these initial screening stages, we keep it interactive by sharing progress updates and gathering your feedback to ensure we are on the right track with our searches. Once a hiring decision is made, we conduct a background check, drug test, and professional references, at no additional cost to you.


A resume might not always tell the whole story – however we will. When we present a candidate for your consideration, we include a brief synopsis highlighting our candidate’s background and recent accomplishments relevant to the role you’re looking to fill. In addition to our candidate’s strengths, we also address any potential areas of weakness so you know the full picture ahead of time. We ensure the hiring process is as seamless as possible by coordinating all interviews and providing timely feedback to all parties as we progress through the stages.


Prodigy’s recruiting methodology is built to inspire trust- to provide an exceptional user experience by way of a rigorous system that our clients can count on to deliver consistent results each time without fail. It is designed to show clients how much we care – that we are in it for the long haul. It’s our priority to ensure you are satisfied each time you work with Prodigy and we stand behind every contractor and full-time placement with our performance guarantee.


Our priority is to foster open lines of communication between our clients, contractors, and Prodigy throughout the contract period. We see feedback as a gift, a necessary part of ensuring all parties are on same page, and we welcome it with open arms. We find it to be a critical aspect of ensuring the efficiency, satisfaction, and completion of the process for all parties involved.



The technology sector is thriving and we’re seeing unprecedented growth. There’s no doubt it’s an exciting time for our industry – but not without its difficulties. Technology skills are in high demand, yet the qualified minds to fill the need are in short supply.

Our clients want technology experts in very specialist domains. Representing your brand with crystal clarity is paramount to reaching an audience of highly sought after and discerning technologists. This goes beyond buzzwords and skill sets.

Understanding you, your organization’s goals, and how your team is leveraging technology in order to achieve those goals, helps us deliver a compelling message. Candidates want to know how their role fits into the bigger picture.


Capitalize on our talent pipeline with niche technology skills. Connect with the brightest to create competitive advantage.  Alleviate cost by streamlining your onboarding process. Achieve optimal staffing balance through flexible hiring scenarios.
  • Leverage our pipeline to find niche technical skill sets quickly.
  • Connect with the brightest talent to create competitive advantage.
  • Alleviate cost by streamlining your onboarding process.
  • Achieve an optimal staffing balance through flexible hiring scenarios


A continual pain we hear from our clients in vendor interaction is over promising – we understand that we can’t be all things to every client, and we won’t pretend to be. If we aren’t confident we can fill a specific position in a timely manner, we’re going to tell you and see if we can connect you with a trusted firm within our network who will.


Time is our most precious commodity – something we can never replace. We won’t send you heaps of resumes, just to see what sticks. We are here to handle the most time consuming aspects of the hiring process so you can focus on other things.


“Prodigy has been invaluable in getting the right people to the table quickly for our company. Their screening process is honest, thorough, and they have a proven track-record of integrity with the information provided on the people they send to us for consideration. I have yet to work with a more honest and credible recruiting firm.”

– Chad, Chief SW Architect



Prodigy has partnered with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, operating in a variety of technical fields and industries. We’ve continued to expand our footprint working with clients and candidates in many locations throughout the country.


If you’re looking for a firm that will make a concerted effort to get to know you, one that values partnerships over transactions, and understands the importance of managing expectations, then Prodigy is likely an extraordinary fit. Connect with us and let’s see if we might be able to fit into your picture.